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texture - urban - abstract


"Intense contrast between colors, mediums, textures and styles are always visually interesting. When a painting has any of these unexpected elements it immediately adds even more to the interest of the painting.


This is why I have several different collections, which all incorporate a completely different style and in each collection I attempt to combine these elements, make them dance or make them fight with one another in attempt to spark imagination and creativity in my work".


Nosheen is a Canadian born contemporary artist best known for extreme texture and her ability to manipulate acrylic paint to look like other mediums, such as water color.


Her belief is that an artist can paint whatever she chooses and does not have to be constrained by one style alone.


She has participated in art exhibitions, events and art based fundraisers throughout Alberta. In addition, her work was also featured in several international art magazines. Her ultimate goal however, is not just to share her artistic vision but to engage with communities in an effort to raise funds for various causes through art based events.

Nosheen Pervez Art Artist Profile Social Fur Ponytail black and white


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